1. Police Service of Pakistan
  2. District Management Group
  3. Foreign Service of Pakistan
  4. Customs and Excise Group
  5. Income Tax Group
  6. Pakistan Audit & Acounts Services
  7. Commerce & Trade Group
  8. Postal Group
  9. Railways Group (Commercial & Transportation)
  10. Information Group

CSS Rules

“In pursuance of Section 7.A read with section 10 of’ the FPSC Ordinance, 1977, Chairman FPSC with the approval of the Federal Government has made, in supersession of competitive Examination Rules of previous years, the following rules for regulating the conduct of the competitive Examination”

  • Police Service of Pakistan
  • District Management Group
  • Foreign Service of Pakistan
  • Customs and Excise Group
  • Income Tax Group
  • Pakistan Audit & Acounts Services
  • Commerce & Trade Group
  • Postal Group
  • Railways Group (Commercial & Transportation)
  • Information Group

  1. Places of the Examination.—The examination will be held simultaneously at Abbottabad, D.I. Khan, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Larkana, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta and Sukkur.
  2. The Commission reserves the right to finally decide the place where the candidates would be examined or interviewed.
  3. The Competitive Examination comprises the following:-
    • (a) Written Examination
    • (b) Medical Test
    • (c) Psychological Test: and
    • (d) Viva Voce.

The examination will be conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission in accordance with the following Rules, subject to such changes as may be decided by the Government before finalizing appointments on the basis of this examination.

  • A candidate for admission to the examination must have attained the age of 21 and must not have attained the age of 28 on 31st December of the previous year he/she intends to appear in CSS exam.
  • The upper age-limit will be relaxed as follows:-
    • By two years up to the age of 30 years in respect of the Candidates belonging to
      • The Scheduled Caste and Buddhist Community.
      • the recognized Tribes who are permanent residents of the areas mentioned-below and whose families have been living in these areas:
        • Balochistan
        • Tribal areas of D. I. Khan and Peshawar Divisions (including former Frontier States of Dir, Swat, Chitral and Amb)
        • Former excluded (Baluch) area forming part of the Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur Districts.
        • Former tribal areas of Mardan and Hazara Divisions.
        • Upper Tanawal area of Hazara Division.
      • By two years up to the age of 30 years in case of the candidates who are permanent residents of Azad Kashmir Territory and Northern Areas (which include Gilgit, Diamir, Baltistan, Ghizar and Ghanche) or candidates of Jammu and Kashmir States who live in either of the aforesaid areas or any other part of Pakistan.
    • By two years upto the age of thirty (30) years for Government Servants, including the Government servants of AJ&K, who have rendered not less than two years continuous Government service as on 31st December of previous year.
    • The date of birth accepted by the Commission is that entered in the following documents:
      • (a) Matriculation Certificate
      • (b) Secondary or Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate:
      • (c) Certificate of birth from the Principal/Headmaster of the School from where a candidate has passed his/her GEC. ‘0’ level or equivalent examination, showing the date of birth in the School Admission Register:
    • In case of Christian candidates, Baptismal or birth registration certificate.
    • The decision as to which of the certificate is equivalent to Matric Certificate rests with the Commission.
    • Once a date of birth has been claimed and accepted by the Commission for the purpose of admission to an examination, no change will be allowed at a subsequent examination or selection.
    • Candidates claiming to belong to a scheduled caste will he required to submit a certificate from the District Magistrate in support of their claim. (Annexure ‘A’).
    • Candidates belonging to the Buddhist Community will he eligible for the concession mentioned at (a) above on production of certificate from District Magistrate. Political Agent or Deputy Commissioner, as the case may he, in support of their claim (Annexure ‘A’).
    • Only those candidates who are permanent residents of these areas mentioned at 4(ii) (a) (ii) above and whose families have been living in those areas will be eligible for the concession and in each case certificate from the Political Agent or the Deputy Commissioner will he required in this behalf. (Annexure ‘B’).
    • Candidates claiming to belong to Azad Jammu and Kashmir will be required to submit a certificate from the Kashmir Affairs Division. Government of Pakistan, (Annexure-’C’).
    • Candidates claiming to belong to Northern Areas will be required to submit a certificate from the Deputy Commissioner or Political Agent. (Annexure-’B’).
    • The applications of Government Servants will also he governed by the Government Servants (Application for Services and Posts) Rules 1966 except that the chances will be not be allowed irrespective of the provisions of the Government Servants (Application for Services and Posts) Rules. 1966.
    • The applications of Government Servants will also he governed by the Government Servants (Application for Services and Posts) Rules 1966 except that the chances will be not be allowed irrespective of the provisions of the Government Servants (Application for Services and Posts) Rules. 1966.


  1. A candidate must hold at least a Bachelor degree in any faculty of one of the Pakistani Universities or an equivalent degree or comparable educational qualifications of a foreign University. (The candidate must have acquired the requisite qualification, on or before 31st December of previous year).
  2. No candidate who has obtained a Third Division (or ‘D’ grade where result is declared under Semester System) in his Bachelor’s Degree will be eligible for the Examination except in cases where he/she has obtained a higher Division in Master’s or Law Degree or where, from time to time, the Federal Government may relax the condition in respect of under developed under represented areas. For the Competitive Examination, this relaxation would he admissible to candidates front the following areas/regions
  3. Sindh (Rural)
  4. Balochistan
  5. Federally Administered Tribal Areas as defined in Article 246 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Northern areas.
  6. Azad Kashmir
  7. The decision as to which foreign degrees or comparable educational qualifications are equivalent to corresponding Pakistani degree rests solely with the Commission.


  1. The candidate for the examination must be a citizen of Pakistan or a person deriving his/her nationality from the State of Jammu and Kashmir.
  2. A Woman-candidate who is otherwise eligible can also compete in the examination.
  3. In the case of candidate whose father belongs by birth or by origin to a Pakistan province/area it is immaterial where he/she has received his/her education or has resided. Such a candidate will be considered for appointment against the quota of vacancies reserved for the province/area to which his/her father belongs/belonged.
  4. A candidate who has acquired the citizenship of Pakistan by registration under the Pakistan Citizenship Act and the Rules made thereunder should attach to the application the certificate (attested copy thereof) of citizenship. A candidate who has not been registered as a citizen of Pakistan but claims that he/she should be deemed to be Citizen of Pakistan under the Pakistan Citizenship Act should submit proof to the effect that he/ she fulfils the conditions on the basis of which he/she claims to be deemed as a citizen of Pakistan. A candidate who derives his/her nationality from the State of Jammu and Kashmir should attach to the application a certificate issued by the Kashmir Affairs Division in support of his/her claim.
  5. A migrant candidate, whether residing in Pakistan or abroad will he admitted only against the quota of’ the province/region where his/her parents are domiciled and where they have resided for at least 3 years. However, the condition of 3 years residence would be deemed to have been fulfilled if the parents are officially domiciled in a particular province/region hut have been living in some other areas for a number of years due to exigencies of service. For this purpose the candidate will he required to produce a domicile certificate from a competent authority that his/her parents arc domiciled in the province/region concerned. In case the parents of migrant candidate have not migrated to Pakistan he/she would be admitted against the quota of the province/region where he/she himself/her self is domiciled and has resided or has been educated for a continuous period of three years immediately before applying for admission and consideration against the quota of a province/region.
  6. A candidate who belongs to a province/area by migration should submit a certificate of domicile along with the domicile certificate of his/her father (attested copies only) in the form prescribed in Appendix XIV of the Pakistan Citizenship Rules 1952, and should also furnish proof of 3 years residence or education in the province/area concerned.
  7. A candidate claiming his/her father as dead should submit an Affidavit in support of the fact of his/her father’s death, on Court stamp paper duly attested by Notary Public/Oath Commissioner He/she should also clearly state as to what was the place of domicile of his/her father before (father’s) death. In case a candidate submits the domicile certificate obtained earlier of his/her deceased father there is no need to submit Affidavit.
  8. The domicile of a married female candidate will be accepted to he the same as that of her husband. However, in the case of a widow or divorced candidate, she will be considered for appointment against the domicile of her father, provided she submits an Affidavit including place of domicile of her ex-husband along with a certificate from the Union Council/Civil Judge in support of her statement.
  9. Only those candidates shall be considered for vacancies reserved for Azad Jammu and Kashmir whose application forms for the Competitive Examination are accompanied by the domicile certificate along with Permanent Residence Certificate, issued by the Kashmir Affairs Division of that territory. No such certificates shall be accepted at any later Stage.
  10. The domicile once claimed and accepted by the Commission for the purpose of admission to an examination, no change will be allowed at a subsequent examination or selection.
  11. The domicile claimed by a candidate and accepted by the Government at the time of entry into Government service shall be treated as final throughout his/her service career and no subsequent change in his/ her domicile will be recognised for the purpose of terms and conditions of his/her service including his/her allocation and liability to transfer.
  12. The cut off date for determining the eligibility of the candidate in terms of age, qualifications, domicile etc. is 31st December of previous year; for example for 2015 exams, the cut-off date will be 31st December 2014.
  13. A candidate who has married a person who is not a citizen of Pakistan shall not be eligible for appointment provided that a person who marries an Indian national with the prior permission of Government may be regarded as eligible for appointment.
  14. A candidate will not be allocated to the Foreign Service of Pakistan if his/her spouse is also a candidate for this or previous Competitive Examination and has been or likely to he allocated to some service/occupational Group. An undertaking will be obtained in this regard at the time of viva Voce/Psychological Tests.


  1. (1) A candidate must satisfy the Federal Public Service Commission that he/she is suitable in all respects for employment under the Government.

(ii) No candidate will be admitted to the examination who does not hold a certificate of admission from the Commission.

(iii) The decision of the Commission as to the eligibility or otherwise of a candidate for admission to the examination shall be final.

(iv) Candidates are cautioned that if an application which is not signed and or is received incomplete or wrongly filled in and is not accompanied with any of the documents mentioned in sub-paragraphs (i) to (vii) of porn 12 of the Instructions to Candidates it will be summarily rejected and no appeal against its rejection will be entertained.

(v) Caution-A candidate who knowingly furnishes any particular which is false, or suppresses material information or attempts to influence the Commission, officers or members of the staff of the Commission or to obtain support for his/her candidature by improper means, or deliberately submits forged certificates or tampers with the entries in his/her age and educational certificates, or misbehaves in the examination hall or uses unfair means or found guilty of’ misconduct during medical and V. V. tests may be disqualified for this and/or subsequent examinations/selections held by the Commission or criminally prosecuted and debarred from employment under Government.

(vi) A candidate who, even after his appointment, is found to have knowingly furnished any particulars which are false or to have suppressed immaterial information will be liable to dismissal from Service.

(vii) Certificates of age and educational qualifications in which any entry is overwritten, altered erased. mutilated or tampered with in ally way or the genuineness of which is otherwise doubted will be liable to be impounded till such time as the Commission considers it necessary.

(viii) Answer papers in all the subjects Of examination are secret documents and cannot, therefore, be permitted to be seen by the candidates or their representatives nor re-examination of answer books/scripts is allowed under any circumstances A candidate desirous of getting of his/her marks, awarded by the examiners re-counted may submit his request for the purpose within one month from the date of issue of result card/marks sheet along with a Treasury Challan of Rs. 100/- per paper as fee for re-checking re-counting marks only Thereafter, no such request will be entertained.

(ix) The Answer books of the Candidates will be retained in the office of the Federal Public Service Commission for one year only and thereafter the same will be destroyed. Candidates are, therefore, cautioned that any query relating to their Answer books should be made within the specified period thereafter, no request in this regard will be entertained.

(x) The candidates are cautioned that wrong selection of subjects will lead to summary rejection under para 7 (iv) and no appeal will be entertained against this rejection. Change of optional subjects is not allowed.

(xi) Grace marks are not allowed.


(i) A candidate seeking admission to the examination must apply to the Federal Public Service Commission, Islamabad on the prescribed form of application and the same must reach the Commission on or before the closing date. No extra time is allowed for postal transit etc.

(ii) Government servants who fulfil the conditions laid down in these rules are eligible for admission to the examination if permitted by the competent authority in their departments or offices. No Government servant shall be competent to apply without the permission in writing of his/bet’ department/office as the case may be and such permissions must accompany the application. Candidates who join Government service after submitting their applications for admission to the examination should also submit the departmental permission immediately thereafter.

(iii) Armed Forces candidates to route their applications through proper channel of their Services. Applications not routed through proper channel will be rejected summarily.

(iv) A candidate who after submitting such Departmental permission, joins Civil Service Academy or is transferred to another department, should also obtain the permission of that Department and submit the same to the Commission as soon as possible.

(v) A candidate who has left Government service should submit with his/her application the original as well as a copy of his/her discharge/service certificate.

(vi) Number of Attempts. No candidate will be permitted to attempt more than thrice at the examination.

Explanation: A candidate shall be deemed to have attempted at the examination if he/she actually appears in any one or more papers.

(vii) If a candidate who took the Competitive Examination of 2002 wishes to apply for admission to the of 2003 he/she must submit an application by the prescribed date without waiting for the result of 2002. If subsequently it is not necessary for him/her to take the 2003 written examination his/her examination fee will not be refunded.

(viii) No plea that an application form or a letter concerning such form, has been lost or delayed in the post, will he entertained unless the per son making the allegation produces a post office registration receipt.

(ix) The maximum number of candidates to be admitted to this examination may, in the discretion of Government be limited to such number as Government may decide. If a limit is imposed and the number of candidates exceeds that limit, the Commission shall select from amongst the applicants those who shall he admitted to the examination and in doing so, shall have regard to the suitability of the applicants and to adequate representation of the Provinces/Areas of Pakistan as well as of the various age concessions.


The subjects for the competitive examination will be as given in Appendix I.


Candidates must pay fees as prescribed in Appendix II. No claim for refund of any fee will be entertained nor can the fees paid be held in reserve for another examination or selection.


The approximate number of vacancies in BS-I7 to be tilled on the results of this examination will be announced later. The Government how ever, reserve the right to till a smaller or larger number of vacancies than that announced.


  1. Subject to the Recruitment policy explained in Appendix-III of these Rules. Candidates securing the highest places on the combined results of the written Examination, Psychological and Viva Voce tests and eligible for appointment will be appointed upto the number of vacancies available. No candidate will, however, be considered for appointment to any of the Groups/Services for which he/she has been declared “not suitable” by the Commission at the time of Viva Voce test.
  2. Success in the examination confers no right to appointment. Appointments will be made only after the Government is satisfied, after such inquiry as may be necessary, that the candidate is suitable in all respects for appointment to the Public Service and subject to the availability of vacancies.
  4. The Commission reserves the right to change the schedule of the examination as well as to cancel any paper/papers or the entire Competitive Examination without assigning any reason.
  5. The Government reserves the right to allocate a candidate against any Group/Service irrespective of his/her preferences, in the public interest. No appeal against the decision of the Government will be entertained.

Note—This issues with the approval of the Government.