This subject CANNOT be opted in combination with Philosophy.

Total Marks - 200

PAPER I (Marks - 100)

1. Definition and scope of Psychology: Psychology as a science of behaviour, Schools and Systems of Psychology, Recent trends in Psychology.

2. Nervous System: Structure and functions of cells, Central and Peripheral Nervous System, Endocrine system

3. Learning: Conditioning — classical and operant Reinforcement, Avoidance conditioning, Extinction, Discrimination learning, imprinting, Theories of learning, Verbal learning, Probability learning, Concept leaning, Perceptual learning, Transfer and interference, Motivational factors in learning, Readiness and individual differences in learning

4. Nature of motives and emotions: Homeostasis, Biogenic and social Motives, Measurement of human motivation. Theories of motivation - Maslow, Lewin and Freud, Theories of emotion Role of endocrine glands, frustration and conflict.

5. Nature of perceptual organization Perception of distance, Movement, Space. Depth, colour, Perceptual constancy, Effect of learning and motivation on perception. Senses viz. vision hearing and other senses, Perception and sensation, Determinations of perception (Needs, attitudes, sets, values, personality traits, emotional states, suggestion etc.).

6. Nature and determinants of personality Factors in development of personality, Theories of personality, trait and types, Freudain, Neo Freudain, Murry, Allport, Cauel, Types of personality tests and their rationale.

7. Socialization: Society and personality, Formation of opinions and attitudes, Prejudice.

8. Structure and Functions of Group, Role status relations, Group norms, Group solidarity, Intergroup tension, International tension.


PAPER - II (Marks – 100)

1. Meaning, phases and characteristics of Growth, development and Maturation, Methods of developmental psychology, Biological and socio cultural factors, Importance of Developmental psychology, Broad approaches to the study of children.

2. Pre-natal development and infancy: Genetic Factors, Hereditary transmission and chromosomal abnormality, Stages. Developmental irregularities, Psychological and physical characteristics of the infant. Methods of studying infant behaviour.

3. Physical, motor and sensory development. Perceptual development, Intellectual development: Development of logical thought in early childhood. Development of concepts. Creativity. Emotional Development; patterns, characteristics. Some common emotional patterns.

4. Concept of abnormality popular and scientific. Goals of Clinical Diagnosis. Personality Assessments, Behavioural Assessment. Nature of Clinical Judgement. Sources of information in clinical diagosis, Assessments of organisations, institutions and environment, Professional issues, The nature of professional preparation for clinical psychological work, ethical standards and legal issues.

5. Therapies Somatic therapies, environmental therapies, psycho analytic, phenomenological, existential, Gestalt, rational - emotive and cognitive Therapies, Behaviour therapy and behaviour modification, Group therapies.

6. Intelligence: Its nature and assessment, Mental retardation.

7. Biological and sociological factors in maladjustments and crime, Juvenile delinquency, drug addiction, alcoholic and sex offences - characteristics causation and treatment.

8. Psychoneurotic disorders, Psychosis, Character disorders, Psychosomatic disorders.

9. Industry Nature of the work situations work, vocation, personality and society. Working environment. Works methods and modern approaches. Work efficiency. Group dynamics Work incentives, Job satisfaction.


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